I’ve observed how their minds, bodies, and emotions can be trained to work in sync – giving them deeper insight into themselves, clearer understanding of what is going on in their lives, and confidence to expect more satisfying futures for themselves.  As a result, I’ve developed an innovative, life-changing program called “Kiss Your Therapist Goodbye, ASAP” to help my clients move beyond what has held them back–without their becoming dependent on drugs or therapists in the process. Since developing this program, I have watched clients use the program’s support, tools, and techniques to achieve exciting, inspiring results. (Read more about my concerns regarding prescription drugs by clicking here.)

Something I have wondered over the years I've worked with clients was if only they could have received the tools and teachings I was offering them when they were children. If they had, I am certain they wouldn't have the social, emotional and behavioral issues they were dealing with as adults. They would have learned ways to self regulate their emotions and  care for themselves more effectively. I've wished for many years that our children and grandchildren could receive this kind of teaching.  

In October of 2014 I was honored and privileged to become the administrator of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation. In March of 2015 I was thrilled to accept the position of Executive Director. Their mission and programs are in complete alignment with what I have been promoting for over 30 years. The foundation creates programs that bring awareness to understanding what social emotional learning (SEL)  is and of the necessity to promote to children as well as to adults.  The foundation fosters and teaches alternative ways to respond to life – not bullying others or one self.  When we learn and teach children how to understand and work with their emotions and understand the power of their thoughts and impact of their words, the natural result is happier, grounded and focused individuals.

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I’ve always had a passion to help others help themselves.

For decades, I heard the same alarming stories from individuals and couples:  they were not gaining an understanding of where their issues, patterns, depression, insomnia, anxiety, etc. came from but they were getting prescriptions for anti-depressants to help them feel better–thereby dealing with symptoms, not causes.

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