“When I came to see Judith I was at a real fork in the road of my life, having just experienced a very difficult loss. It was my mom’s idea to seek out a life coach to help get my life back on track, and it was the best decision I ever made. I had been to traditional therapy for years but nothing really ‘stuck’ until I completed Judith’s eight-session program. I learned skills I never knew I had, and ‘unlearned’ skills I needed to get rid of. I came into the program with a very specific goal in mind, and left with so much more! Judith was able to see what I truly needed – which wasn’t the goal I set forth when starting the program. I soon learned my goal was much more than what I thought, allowing me to accomplish more than I thought I ever could. I learned how to use a new ‘muscle’ which I now exercise every day! But more importantly, I learned how to take care of myself, knowing that I can accomplish anything. I have Judith to thank, not only for helping me through such a difficult time in my life, but also for helping me on a new path in life. Judith, I personally want to say thank you for everything that you did. Your program changed my life, and I will be eternally grateful!” 

                                                                                    - Lynsey, Professional, Connecticut

I highly recommend Judith O’Connor’s Kiss Your Therapist Goodbye A.S.A.P. program! In fact I have referred friends to Judith because of my amazing experience with the program. I was at a point in my life that I needed professional help. However, going to a traditional counselor/therapist was not appealing to me. I did not want to be dependent on another person for my healing nor did I want to add another potential “addiction” in my life. I wanted to find a way to help MYSELF heal and take away tools that I can use for the rest of my life. This is exactly what I found with Judith and her program. I am a lucky lady! Judith as a professional is gentle, compassionate, non-judgmental, and highly qualified. In the same breathe she also is firm and holds individuals accountable for their own progression in the treatment, I appreciated this attention to the concept that I was in the end responsible for my own healing. This INSPIRED me and EMPOWERED me further. Judith helped carry a torch for me to help me through my darkness and now because of her and her program I now can carry my own torch that illuminates my life. 

- Shannon, Registered RN & Certified Yoga Instructor, Connecticut

I knew from our first conversation that Judith would be a valuable guide for me. She brought me to a higher level of self-understanding and empowerment. While working through the 8 session program, important and necessary changes occurred; I broke out of a negative
relationship that I had been dealing with for 4 years and was able to quit my depression and
sleep-aid medications. She has given me the tools and confidence to continue creating and
sustaining positive changes in my life.                                                                                                                                                                                 - Lauren, Student, Connecticut

I suppose at heart Judith O’Connor really is a healer. If someone needs help, she stops and carefully looks at that person from the perspective of a highly intuitive, finely trained therapist/hypnotherapist, counselor/coach, reverend, and mind/body helper. Over some 30 years, I’ve watched her gather together many diverse skills and abilities under the umbrella of selfempowerment. That is, Judith firmly believes YOU can best heal yourself, using gentle guidance & encouraging techniques she’s developed to help so many clients for so many years. (There’s nothing like a proven method.) Therefore, I’d suggest you try “Kiss Your Therapist Goodbye.

- Carol, Professional, California

The MP3 recording that you made after our skype session and then emailed to me here in Mexico is FABULOUS! I have listened to it numerous times and each time I love it more! It is exactly what I was hoping for, general and not specific for one particular goal. Something I can use for the rest of my life. I could not ask for anything better. You are amazing and I really appreciate your help and energy in the making of this recording! The visualizations you use, the fountain over my head, extra energy running out of my feet, really cool stuff. You are the best and I would not hesitate using your services in the future. I wish you the best in your journey here and I know we will be in touch in the future. Again, thanks for everything!

                                                                                    - John Towne, Professional Mexico

Judith’s 8 session program was well worth the weekly trip commute from Martha Vineyard to New Haven, CT. Having worked with many healing modalities, I found KYTG Program to be one of the most beneficial experiences. It not only moved me through a great amount of traumatic issues quickly, but it also provided for me tools to use in everyday life. This program initiates a very thorough and effective process for healing

                                                                                        - Meredith, Student, Massachusetts

I have a Masters Degree in Education, Counseling and Psychology and have worked as a Therapist in Clinical Settings. Twice I have received traditional therapy during times of crisis. The KYTG Program done over a 4-month period has inspired greater inner change and self-love than all the prior experiences combined. Judith has an uncanny and tremendous ability to put her clients in touch with their true inner selves. Consequently, the negative energy in ones life is flushed out, while the inner gates are opened for the flow of positive energy and positive change. Ones life becomes transformed because the work is so focused and real. Today I continue to use the skills I acquired with Judith, everyday!

I made significant life changes as a result of our work and feel more empowered than I ever felt possible. It doesn’t get any better than this. - Betsy, Interior Designer, Connecticut

After spending years circling around the pain and loneliness that surrounded my life, I was amazed to realize that I had the ability to make my life what I wanted it to be. After going through the KYTG program I now live my life with a sense of purpose, strength and love. There is no ease in life, but there is joy and learning to create joy is the greatest empowerment of all. I encourage anyone to make the investment in yourself, the pay off is far greater than gold!

- Sandy, Residential Care Counselor, Connecticut

The energy of the universe works in very mysterious ways. If you are willing, you too can trust in it. Half way through my life, I found myself lost, feeling very desperate with seemingly few options. I traveled thousands of miles and put my trust in family and friends. The universe then led me to Judith’s door! She immediately embraced my uncomfortableness, my quirkiness and convoluted philosophies with compassion, wisdom and understanding. Judith’s loving energy allowed me to open up to her as if we were old friends. With commitment, devotion, and dedication I learned how to accept and understand all my energies (positive and negative). Judith taught me how to channel my energy and ground myself. With Judith I was able to laugh and cry and say good bye to the misery that controlled my life. I am now able to embrace and look forward to the positive life that lies before me with passion and commitment. Yes, I have learned to trust myself, not look to others for my answers and to “kiss my therapist good bye”. I have also, most of all, gained a trusted and beloved friend (myself). I have also gained another beloved friend, my dear friend Judith!

 - David M.


Kiss Your Therapist Goodbye

A  Self  Awareness  Program